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BLACKFIELD - Blackfield


So what happens when PORCUPINE TREE mainman Steven Wilson collaborates with famed Israeli artist Aviv Geffen? Answer: A damn fine album. Their debut album is a fine exercise in masterful songwriting talent via modern prog rock. If you’re looking for long passages of technical chops and indulgences, look elsewhere. The band know exactly where to cut the fat and get to the meat of the matter. Blackfield is all about the songs: memorable vocal lines, top-notch instrumentation, thoughtful lyrics, and a soulful delivery. “Glow” and “Lullaby” show the band demonstrating their talent for writing quiet, delicate songs. “Scars” features lush string orchestration, somewhat reminiscent of LED ZEPPELIN’s Houses of the Holy. While the first half of the album carries a lighter vibe, the second half is beautifully sublime. Blackfield is perfect for a gloomy rainy day. It’d be a shame if this fine album were to go unrecognized. Hopefully this review will help towards preventing such a tragedy. (Snapper Music)