BLAZING ETERNITY’s new album is marks a huge progression of the band’s sound. Their last record, Times and Unknown Waters, was a melodic death/doom record that easily rivaled KATATONIA’s masterpiece, Brave Murder Day. With A World To Drown, they’ve taken on a distinctly European gothic/dark rock sound. The album’s most defining characteristic is its very subdued and delicate aura of deep sadness and despair. Morten Lybecker’s MORRISSEY-like vocals do a great job in leading the procession of melancholic songs. The band make excellent use of rhythmic acoustic guitars as the foundation of the music complimented by lead melodies via clean electric guitar and keyboards. There are some moments here and there where BLAZING ETERNITY bring in the old heaviness. But these parts are just little add-ons to the main themes of the songs. A World To Drown In is simply solid in all aspects. This is a beautiful album that comes recommended for fans of dark, melancholy bands such as KATATONIA, AGALLOCH, MORRISSEY/THE SMITHS, and THE CURE. (Prophecy Productions)

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