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BLOODY HAMMERS - Under Satan's Sun

Bloody Hammers - Under Satan's Sun

Unfortunately for some of us, it took three albums to find out about the light of BLOODY HAMMERS.  The important thing is that we are all here now to enjoy Under Satan’s Sun.  The band’s sound is an amalgam of doom, psychedelic rock, gothic rock, stoner rock, and various classic rock/punk influences wrapped in vintage horror aesthetics and fuzzed out guitars.  The most important thing is that BLOODY HAMMERS focus in on creating catchy, memorable songs.  Their song structures are straight forward (think DANZIG) and their sonic approach is intentionally understated.

Having said that, Under Satan’s Sun succeeds when the big, catchy songs hit.  Thankfully, this occurs frequently.  Killer songs like"Spearfinger,"  “Death Does Us Part,” “Welcome to the Horror Show,” and the title track are the same level as the legendary SENTENCED.

Vocalist/bassist Anders Manga is undeniably the key.  His charismatic voice and hooks often remind one of PARADISE LOST’s Nick Holmes.  Lyrically, he is a storyteller that easily transitions between morose and lighter tales.  Anders is a special talent for sure.

BLOODY HAMMERS have done a fine job in crafting Under Satan’s Sun.  If this doesn’t bump them up a few notches in the heavy music scene, I don’t know what will.  (Napalm Records)