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BURN TO BLACK - Mach 666


Despite the continuous hype surrounding the sub-genre known as “The New Wave of American Thrash Metal,” few of the leaders of this alleged scene actually deliver the goods. These imposters could however, learn a thing or ten from Toronto’s own BURN TO BLACK, a ferocious quintet who churn out molten riffs like nobody’s business. Musically the band takes a cue from fellow countrymen SACRIFICE, with ample doses of EXODUS and DARK ANGEL riffage thrown in for good measure. There’s no breakdowns, emo whining, hipster irony, or too-clever-for-their-own-good play on words crap going down here, just honest balls-out thrash. Mach 666 also delivers in the songwriting department as well for while the band keeps things aggressive, they always keep the song in mind with strong hooks and memorable, catchy riffs. All in all, a spirited, promising debut and the perfect choice for the appropriately named new Canadian label, Urgent Music. 100% razor-sharp, flesh-ripping metal recommended for listeners who want to hear thrash metal done right. (Urgent Music)