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CALIBAN - The Opposite From Within


One of Europe’s best go for the metalcore throne with The Opposite From Within. Having established a solid reputation for quality, CALIBAN dish out their most punishing as well as polished material to date. All of the metalcore components are here: grinding riffs, heavy breakdowns, Swedish melody, the right amount of technicality, and a generous helping of clean vocals on top of the harsh screams. However, the first thing that really hits you is the KILLSWITCH ENGAGE-like riff that comes in about 39 seconds into the album. It feels a bit too close for comfort. And the KILLSWITCH references don’t stop there. Everything from their guitar rhythms, vocals patterns/stylings, and riffing are littered through out this album. Why CALIBAN chose this route for their latest album is a good question indeed as the band had already possessed a solid style to begin with. However, The Opposite From Within is still a good album. It hits hard and hits better than most of the competition, especially when they’re not sounding like the competition. If you insist on incorporating more metalcore into your diet, then throw a slab of CALIBAN onto the pile. (Abacus Recordings)