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CALLENDISH CIRCLE - My Passion // Your Pain


The Swedish melodic death metal movement started almost a decade ago. Most of the bands from that scene have either musically progressed or broken up. CALLENDISH CIRCLE is however, a band that has yet to progress. My Passion // Your Pain is your standard melodic, thrashy affair. It most closely resembles EBONY TEARS with a sprinkle of bands such as IN FLAMES, AT THE GATES, and DARKANE. My Passion // My Pain might have been hailed as a kick ass and fresh sounding album in 1996 or even 1999, but times have changed. Most of the riffs, passages, and rhythms have already been written years before. The lack of originality is not the sole weak point of the album. The repetitious riffing style is blaringly obvious, especially to guitar players. Most of the riffs are variations of the open E string with various A string notes. Things start out strongest from the start of the album. Opening track, β€œSoul Messiah,” jumps out of the gates with a lot of energy and conviction. However, the repetitious nature of the songs kills the momentum as the album progresses. The songs just all bleed together and lose any individualism. Things are not a total loss. The musicianship is professional and there is some very nice lead guitar throughout the record. To new fans of the β€œthe Gothenburg sound,” My Passion // My Pain will probably sound like a totally kick ass record. But for those in the know, its relevancy seems questionable. (Metal Blade)