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CANDIRIA - What Doesn't Kill You


CANDIRIA has been breaking down musical barriers for well over a decade with their eclectic mix of pummeling hardcore, hard-hitting hip-hop, aggressive metal riffing, and complex progressive rock into a genre-defying style that they alone can lay claim to. After suffering a devastating van accident (in which several members had to undergo physical therapy), CANDIRIA returns with their first new album in three years, the appropriately-titled What Doesn’t Kill You. “Dead Bury Their Dead” delivers a punishing beating letting the world know that the band hasn’t missed a step, with “Blood” and “1000 Points of Light” reinforcing the fact with equal doses of aggression. But CANDIRIA has always been about pushing the envelope. Their debut featured some death metal vocals and over the years the band has incorporated everything from latin rhythms, to fusion and free-form jazz. Their latest offering is no exception. New elements are introduced into the band’s sound once again, most notably in the vocal department with Carley Coma debuting some clean vocals on “The Nameless King,” the spiritually-charged “Remove Yourself,” and the catchy “Down.” Although accusations of bandwagon jumping and cries of sell-out are inevitable, it should be noted that all of these songs still contain CANDIRIA’s signature moves: complex, off-time, syncopated rhythms and stop-start riffing. They mesh well with the band’s new elements of melody. What Doesn’t Kill You is an impressive comeback from a band that has overcome numerous obstacles, yet still manages to come out on top, delivering another powerful chapter in the band’s career. (Type A Records)