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CANNIBAL CORPSE - The Wretched Spawn


Just like Leatherface or Jason, CANNIBAL CORPSE is back from the grave once again to inflict more damage and violence with their umpteenth (ninth for those counting) album, The Wretched Spawn. Longtime fans will not be disappointed as all of the classic CANNIBAL CORPSE elements are here from the classy Vincent Locke cover art to song titles such as “Rotting Body Landslide” and the romantic, “Blunt Force Castration.” Neil Kernon returns for a second time around and succeeds in giving the band a razor-sharp, crisp production. There’s plenty of fast, blasting tracks on The Wretched Spawn, but songs such as “Decency Defied, " “Festering in the Crypt” and the title track see the band slowing down considerably, creating a more sinister vibe, and as result, the catchiest, most memorable tracks on the album. But probably the album’s highlight comes from the recently departed, Jack Owen, who offers the prophetically-titled, “Nothing Left to Mutilate,” which fluctuates through a variety of tempo and time changes as well as providing several catchy hooks. While there’s nothing really bad on The Wretched Spawn, (the music is technical and well-played with solid production) there’s really nothing new under the sun either. The band sticks with what they know and the fans know what to expect without any surprises. Still the band should nonetheless be commended for sticking to their guns and their adamant refusal to compromise their death metal roots. (Metal Blade Records)