CELTIC FROST – Monotheist

CELTIC FROST are easily one of the most influential bands in the history of underground metal, inspiring countless musicians in genres as diverse as black metal, goth, death, thrash and doom. Monotheist, the band’s first album in nearly twenty years, reflects this as elements of all of the above are included. “Progeny” kicks off the proceedings, quickly establishing the band’s presence with the unmistakable drone of a mighty CELTIC FROST riff. “Ground” follows up admirably, with the band’s slabs of sludge creating an atmosphere of darkness and doom. Meanwhile, “Domain of Decay” and “Ain Elohim” invoke vintage FROST with driving, crushing rhythms that flow effortlessly like volcanic lava swallowing up everything in its path. “Drowned in Ashes” and “Obscured” in contrast, explore the band’s more ominous and moodier textures, utilizing female vocals on both. These contributions however are not pointless filler designed to soften anything up, but rather important pieces that help enhance the eerie atmosphere on both songs. Lest anyone think otherwise, the scathing “Totengott” should quickly silence any critics as Martin Ain‘s harsh, throat-ripping delivery creates an overwhelming experience of visceral nihilism. The epic “Synagoga Satanae” closes the album by taking the listener on a fourteen minute audio journey through the darkest pits of hell. Monotheist is a powerful comeback from a band that’s as important, vital and ground-breaking as they were when they first arrived over twenty years ago. A more than worthy entry in to the CELTIC FROST catalog and essential for any true fan of underground metal. (Century Media Records)

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