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CHARGER - Confessions Of A Man (Mad Enough To Live Among Beasts)


With their distinctly American sound, CHARGER sound like a band born in the swamps of Louisiana’s bayou; however, they hail from the good old UK. CHARGER have all the components to be a doom band, down-tuned riffs, tortured vocals, plenty of guitar feedback, and a rough album production. There is plenty of agony and depression embedded into this record, the way this style of doom was meant to be played. But the one thing that sticks out about the album is that it is second-rate in virtually every way to bands such as EYEHATEGOD and GRIEF. Those bands have stronger riffs, hookier grooves, and just plain old better songs. CHARGER sound the most interesting when they throw in some faster punk sections into the mix. But these parts are few and far between. Confessions Of A Man is above average at best but the material fails to keep up with their peers. (Peaceville)