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CHIMAIRA - Resurrection


Resurrection marks a new chapter with CHIMAIRA as they try to continue their success with a new label and a fresh outlook. Unlike many of the more popular metal bands in the mainstream eye, CHIMAIRA forego typical accessibility routes (i.e. cheesy clean vocals, Swedish melodic riffs) and pursue in-your-face “modern” thrash/hardcore violence. Resurrection is an exercise in aggression with its constantly attacking riffs, unrelenting drums, and harsh screams. CHIMAIRA pack in as much metal as possible here with a diverse array of contemporary metal riffs and rhythms along with the obligatory hardcore breakdowns. Guitarist Rob Arnold shines the brightest in terms of his substantial contribution to the songwriting and his solid guitar work. Lyrically, the basics emotions that are evoked include anger, frustration, sadness, desperation, and perseverance. Fourth song, “Six,” clocks in at 9:45 and has a long instrumental section in the middle and showcases new dimensions to CHIMAIRA’s capabilities. Resurrection flames out a bit near the middle with “Killing the Beast,” “The Flame” and “End It All.” The band picks things back up again and end things on a high note. Closing song, “Empire,” starts off with CRADLE OF FILTH/DIMMU BORGIR-like bombastic dramatics and then shifts into straight up aggression. While Resurrection is undoubtedly an album where the band goes balls out in every facet they are capable of, it’s not a masterpiece. Even though not every song is a winner, CHIMAIRA has written an album that delivers in numerous ways, which will leave no CHIMAIRA fan unsatisfied. (Ferret Music)