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COMPLETE FAILURE - Perversions of Guilt


When a man of Steve Austin’s artistic stature claims that COMPLETE FAILURE are the future of grind, it’s best to sit up and take note. Given the fact that there aren’t many grind bands to begin with, the margin for falling into mediocrity or being indistinguishable from the rest of the pack is very high. Thankfully, COMPLETE FAILURE come out of nowhere and deliver on the excellent Perversions of Guilt. One of the best aspects of the album is the fact that the songs carry their own character and display enough diversity within their musical context to stay interesting and fresh. Though there are plenty of blast beats and a brutal wall of guitar and bass, it’s the way in which the band mixes things up that really separates themselves from the pack. In the end, the ferocity and intensity never relent. Vocalist Joemack does a great job at giving the album a feel of reckless abandon as well as wide-eyed intensity with his killer vocals. Sixth track, “Cured Through Degradent Criticism,” provides a break from the first half of the album with its slow, ominous vibe that morphs into a blast fest and then back again. Final track, “A Disinviting Self Restraint Through Oddities of Remorse,” clocks in at 10 minutes and sees the band bellowing out its last gasps of energy. COMPLETE FAILURE manage to combine the most sonically violent aspects of hardcore, crust and grind while retaining an old school feel in the vein of such bands as ASSUCK and TERRORIZER. If this is the way the band sounds on their debut, the thought of their future output is a scary thing. (Supernova Records)