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CONVERGE - Unloved and Weeded Out


What can be said about the incomparable CONVERGE? They have been pioneers in the underground extreme music scene for over eleven years. Unloved and Weeded Out is a collection of the band’s early out-of-print, unreleased, demos, and live tracks. CONVERGE’s unique, dynamic, and brutal bastard child of metal, hardcore, and punk shines brightly here. Basically every song on this release is awesome. The band demonstrate their strong ability to write a variety of potently distinct songs with strong riffs and interesting dynamics. As musicians, they are tight and technically a step above the rest. They can go from solemn and quiet to raging and chaotic in the blink of an eye. Guitarist Kurt Ballou has done a superb with remixing and remastering. The instruments and vocals are all mixed to a perfect balance without a drop of power lost from the material. The cover artwork by vocalist Jacob Bannon is a beautiful piece of art. Every note on Unloved and Weeded Out is played with conviction and soul. They are no gimmicks or trends here. This release is essential for all CONVERGE fans and is highly recommended for the uninitiated. (Deathwish Inc)