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CONVERGE - You Fail Me


The eerie chords of Kurt Ballou’s guitar ring in the follow up to 2001’s monumental Jane Doe. In the minds of many, it would seem next to impossible for CONVERGE to top that record. But they’ve met the challenge and created their best work to date. You Fail Me is an introspective exploration of not only what breaks the human spirit down but what makes gives it inner strength to overcome life’s perils. It’s a heavy and involving album in many aspects. The band’s over the top bulldozer delivery and dissonant chaos are ever present. Each band member crash off of each like violent waves creating this strong sense of tension and intensity. Unlike most albums, the lyrics are inspiring, painfully vivid, and essentially the heart and soul of this work. You Fail Me was created by four artists who not only have a clear vision of their art but the talent to make it a reality. This is music with meaning, music that matters. CONVERGE are without a doubt the modern day BLACK FLAG. (Epitaph Records)