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CRADLE OF FILTH - Nymphetamine


While they may no longer seem as menacing or as controversial as years past, CRADLE OF FILTH continue to thrive with their Roadrunner Records debut, Nymphetamine. The band stick to their guns and deliver another solid album of their trademark gothic black metal. The dark melodrama, the MAIDEN-esque melodies, the meaty-yet-digestible riffs, and Dani Filth’s unmistakable vocals are all here. Though the band continue to work within a now, predictable framework, they still pull it off successfully. There are plenty of high quality songs and some inspirational moments. “Guilded Cunt” starts things off with a whirlwind of energy and an infectious chorus. Former THEATRE OF TRAGEDY/current LEAVES EYES vocalist Liv Kristine makes a guest appearance on the album’s most accessible track, “Nymphetamine (Overdose).” “Absinthe with Faust” features some of the best guitar melodies in CRADLE’s catalogue and album closer, “Mother of Abominations,” blasts forth as Nymphetamine’s most fastest and aggressive track. Though Sara Jezebel Diva’s vocal contributions are very minimal on Nymphetamine, this really doesn’t subtract from the quality of the album. Regardless of all the haters out there, CRADLE OF FILTH’s lifeforce shows no signs of relenting. (Roadrunner Records)