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CREMATORIUM - For All Our Sins


CREMATORIUM has been flying the flag for L.A. metal for well over a decade now, playing with acts as diverse as SUFFOCATION, CANDIRIA, MAYHEM, and KREATOR. These experiences have no doubt influenced the band’s sound as everything from death metal, thrash, hardcore, black metal, and even doom can be found on the band’s latest, For All Our Sins. “Seasons of Nothingness” has a strong CROWBAR influence as does “Nightmares Fused Within Reality.” “Unlearn” gets the pit started with an all-out thrash festival. “Cast the Stone” maybe perceived as the band’s stab at nu-metal with it’s clean spoken word as well as several FEAR FACTORY-styled stop-start rhythms. But the song nonetheless has enough aggression to put the MUDVAYNEs and the COAL CHAMBERs of the world in their place. “Life:Sick” seems to be the band’s tribute to Swedish metal as it combines elements of two of Sweden’s top dogs, MESHUGGAH and IN FLAMES. The band also includes two acoustic interludes, which further showcase the band’s diversity. All in all, a major improvement over the band’s previous work, particularly in the production deptarment, which has improved a thousand fold. With For All Our Sins, CREMATORIUM has delivered their best work yet. The album displays a sponge-like band that soaks up its influences and chucks them in a blender on high-speed, concocting a potent shot of metalcore bound to have you stumbling in the pit. (Prosthetic-Metal Blade)