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CRISIS - Like Sheep Led To Slaughter


CRISIS virtually dropped off the radar with a seven year absence of new music and a temporary name change. However, the band is back with the kind of vitality and creativity that their critically acclaimed, Deathshead Extermination demonstrated. Like Sheep Led To Slaughter is as volatile as it is schizophrenic. Frontwoman Karyn Crisis guides us through this seemingly emotional exorcism. Undoubtedly one of the most versatile vocalists in extreme music, she utilizes a multifaceted approach that includes agonized screams, death growls, shrieks, and delicate clean vocals. The rest of the band compliments her with a heavy handed backdrop of crusty doom-laden riffs, head stomping grooves, and tripped out passages. While tracks such as “A Graveyard For Bitches,” “Nomad,” and “Secrets of the Prison House” show CRISIS at their best, there are a few tracks that don’t quite have the same potency (i.e. “Exit Catacombs” and “The Fate”). However, Like Sheep Led To Slaughter is still effective enough to convey a strong sense of atmosphere, emotion, and individuality. Hopefully, this serves as only the beginning of the return of CRISIS. (The End Records/Children of Rage Records)