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CROSSFAITH - Apocalyze

Crossfaith - Apocalyze

Like a supernova in the cosmos, CROSSFAITH explode with seldomly matched energy and power with their third record, Apocalyze.  While some bands get by purely on talent alone, these beasts from Osaka prove that talent plus fervor can make a more profound impact.

CROSSFAITH merge a wide range of influences - Swedish melodic death metal, metalcore, nu metal, electronica, dub step - into a unique and cohesive whole.  Sometimes the record will sound like IN FLAMES meets KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and other times it will sound like the DEFTONES versus THE PRODIGY.  Apocalyze is well suited for a live show as there are plenty of hooks, big time breakdowns, and uptempo rhythms.  While vocalist Koie Kenta utilizes good clean vocals, his roar leads what is an aggressive record.  Female vocals are also used.

Underneath what, at times, seems like a wall of sound is good musicianship with each member of CROSSFAITH showing their chops.  Their songwriting skills should also be complimented as their fusion of different genres into a well balanced record is neither specifically one thing or another.

Thirteen tracks, including an exclusive U.S. bonus track, may seem like a lot  but the band don’t wear out their welcome.  There are enough peaks and valleys and diversity to keep you into the action until the end.

For a band just starting to break into international markets, Apocalyze is the perfect record that CROSSFAITH needs to achieve worldwide success. (The End Records)

P.S. If Devin Townsend loves them, then you know they gotta be good.