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CRYPTOPSY - Cryptopsy

Cryptopsy - Cryptopsy

Have you ever had a good friend date someone you didn’t approve of or just go into a funk and then come back to their senses and becomes that good old friend you missed?  Well, let me tell you that CRYPTOPSY are fuckin back.

No clean vocals, no female keyboardists who quit the band right away, no meandering, and no bs.  This is CRYPTOPSY doing what they do best - brutal, technical death metal CRYPTOPSY-style.   All the elements that made the band great are here on Cryptopsy: manic, blasting fury; balls out, off-the-wall riffing; wild bass; crazy time changes; and sick vocals.

When the band come in during album opener, “Two Pound Torch,” good lord…you know Cryptopsy is going to be  damn good record.  Stylistically, this album sounds most similar to the band’s supreme third full-length, Whisper Supremacy.  Lots of classic songs all over.

The single biggest reason for the excellence on Cryptopsy is likely due to the return of original guitarist/main songwriter, Jon Levasseur.   He brings with him that unmistakable CRYPTOPSY sound plus his awesome guitar soloing.  After his departure, the band were never the same so let’s all hope he’s back for good.

Newest member Olivier Pinard does more than a great job replacing fan favorite, Eric LangloisOlivier does his best to preserve the monster bass style of Eric with his killer licks and an undeniable presence in the mix.

And what can you say about drummer Flo Mournier?  He easily proves why he is one of the best drummers in extreme metal.  Flo delivers an insane flurry of manic beats and diverse styles that is simply not heard in anywhere else.

It should also be noted that this is one of the best produced death metal records in recent memory along with KRISIUN’s The Great Execution.  Great tones and balance.  You can just sit back and choose to just focus on one member of the band throughout the whole thing.

There’s no need to overanalyze  Cryptopsy.  The important thing is that it fuckin rules.  Welcome back, CRYPTOPSY.  We missed you!  (self-released/Revolution Harmony Records/Galy Records)