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CULT OF LUNA - Somewhere Along the Highway


With CULT OF LUNA’s new album, they continue to move away from NEUROSIS and ISIS comparisons and come more into their own. Somewhere Along the Highway still retains that gigantic sound that the band has been known for but is more progressive and less metal-based than their previous efforts. Perhaps, the most metal/hardcore influences remain in Klas Rydberg’s harsh cries and the somber vibes throughout. CULT OF LUNA take on the melancholic, clean guitar stylings of MOGWAI and various progressive and alternative rock sounds. However, don’t misinterpret this to mean that they’ve lost their power and impact. In fact, Somewhere Along the Highway is their most powerful and accomplished album to date. Like celestial bodies rising and falling across the horizon, each of the album’s seven songs are immense in scope and follow a long but steady path. There is a lot to absorb and comprehend in each song so patience and the right mood are essential in order to appreciate the strong material presented. (Earache Records)