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CURL UP AND DIE ??" But The Past Ain’t Through With Us


Las Vegas’ CURL UP AND DIE have begun their evolution from being your standard math metal band to a band with a more distinguishing sound with But The Past Ain’t Through With Us. The band has progressed into more atmospheric and darker territory. The cartoon album artwork is the perfect disguise for these four songs of depression, sadness, and disillusionment. Each song is refreshingly distinguishable from each other. The opening track, “Nuclear Waste? Bring That Shit. (We Want…),” starts off with a cold and doomy riff and vomiting vocals. The song then morphs into a heavy, atmospheric entity in the vein of ISIS and NEUROSIS. CURL UP AND DIE then pick up the pace with the crashing chaos of the second track. Things slow back down to a heavy crawl before they launch into the EP’s final and best track, “God Is In Heaven. All Is Right With The World.” It takes the band into places few math metal bands have gone before. It’s a haunting and somber piece that brings to mind IN THE WOODS…, AGALLOCH, NEUROSIS, PINK FLOYD, and FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM. It would be more than interesting to see CURL UP AND DIE take their focus into this progressive, avant-garde direction. But The Past Ain’t Through With Us is hopefully only a taste of the development that is to come from them. Cross your fingers. (Revelation Records)