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DAMAGEPLAN - New Found Power


With the much publicized desertion of Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown from PANTERA’s ranks, drummer Vinnie Paul and guitarist Dimebag Darrell were left with an uncertain future. But the two brothers have regrouped with DAMAGEPLAN with HALFORD guitarist Patrick Lachman (vocals) and Bobzilla (bass) on board. The similarities between DAMAGEPLAN and PANTERA are undeniable, mostly due to the fact that Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul bring their trademark playing styles to DAMAGEPLAN. The song-oriented New Found Power brings more vitality and bite to the table than PANTERA’s last uninspired effort. Patrick Lachman fits well into the band with his ability to create memorable vocal lines and easily shift from aggressive to soulful. Dimebag even brings back his famous guitar shredding to many of the songs. Overall, New Found Power is a mix of both, strong and ineffective material. It starts off with aggression and power with tracks such as “Wake Up,” “Breathing New Life,” and the title track. However, the album never really gets any stronger and fails to convey a sense of urgency and lasting intensity. “Blink of an Eye” provides one last strong dose of quality before things conclude. Most of the songs linger around and never really provide that in-your-face power that you’re hoping for. Hopefully, these guys can kick it up a few notches and get back to the level of acclaim that they’re accustomed to on the next one. (Elektra Records)