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DANZIG - Circle Of Snakes


Glenn Danzig is a man who’s influence is undeniable. However with each passing release, each greying hair (dyed black), and each trend that wiggles its way into the rock/metal scene, The King of Evil’s output is becoming less and less significant. DANZIG’s latest album, Circle of Snakes, sadly continues the downward trend. Everything from the cover art to the guitar tone to the songwriting takes yet another dip down. Circle of Snakes is basically a demo-quality collection of dirge rock not far removed from that crap your old high school band used to play. It’s good to know he’s not trying to outdo the young bands of today but with weak-sauce spaghetti riffs strung together end-to-end, it’s hard to fathom he’s got any musical reach at this point. Perhaps the only consolation is that Danzig’s evil croon is still solid. Sadly, that doesnt quite make up for the flimsy musical backdrop. Harsh review? Not quite as harsh as a Circle of Snakes listening experience. (Evilive Records)