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DANZIG - Danzig 777 I Luciferi


I Luciferi is touted as the true return to form for DANZIG. Rock purists will be happy to note that there are no industrial influences present on this album. I Luciferi contains the trademark heavy bluesy rock/metal that DANZIG has been known for. Glenn Danzig’s voice is in great shape and shows no signs of slowing down (the man is in his 40’s!). His backing band gets the job done but do not present anything that stands out. I Luciferi is a bipolar album. Half the songs are catchy and well written while the other half are disposable. The best songs are the ones with the darker riffs/lyrics/vibes. “Dead Inside”, “The Coldest Sun”, and “Without Light, I Am” are some of the album’s highlights. The production on the album is a bit weak. The instruments are too thin in the mix and the whole album has this annoying level of reverb. Although there are some bright aspects on here, it fails to dethrone the early DANZIG albums. (Spitfire)