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DARK FUNERAL - Attero Totus Sanctus


DARK FUNERAL’s last album, Diabolis Interium, was without a doubt the ultimate DARK FUNERAL album. So how does the follow-up to the band’s best album fair? Pretty well even if though it’s no Diabolis Interium. Attero Totus Sanctus is basically everything that DARK FUNERAL are known for ??" the insane tempos, the blazing melodic guitar riffs, and black atmosphere. The first three tracks, “King Antichrist,” “666 Voices Inside,” and the title track absolutely punishes the listener with pure brutality. Vocalist Emperor Magus Caligula slays all with the vocal performance of his career. He delivers with power and a killer combination of deep death metal roars and spoken words with great mid-range and high pitched screams. Caligula’s screams of “Guilty!!” on “Godhate” are absolutely hellish. Props to Daniel Bergstrand and Örjan Örnkloo for having the vocals upfront, raw, and crystal clear in the mix. Track five, “Atrum Regina,” is the only mid-tempo/non-uber fast track on the album. However, it pales in comparison to the songs that it’s sandwiched in between. The last three tracks continue with the barrage of intensity. Album closer, “Final Ritual,” builds up to this great crescendo at the end that just kind of ends before it’s been able to really scorch your face off. Fans of DARK FUNERAL will not be disappointed as DARK FUNERAL do what they do best here. New metal fans should be quick to investigate if they’re interested in premium Swedish black metal. (Candlelight USA/Regain Records)