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DARK TRANQUILLITY ??" Exposures - In Retrospect and Denial


Exposures… was custom built for DARK TRANQUILLITY fans. This two disc compilation contains a collection of rarities on the first disc and the audio portion of the recently released, Live Damage DVD, on the second disc. Disc one compiles the Japan-only bonus and unreleased tracks recorded during the band’s last three albums. Unlike most b-sides, these tracks are gems in their own right. The soulful delivery and the stellar command of melody, execution, and instrumentation found on these tracks further exemplify what makes this band so powerful. Fans that miss Mikael Stanne’s clean vocals will be pleased with the emotionally somber, “In Sight” and “No One.” Other highlights include the beautiful piano/guitar melody during the bridge of “Misery in Me.” However, the monumental “Exposure” easily steals the show here with its revisitation of DARK TRANQUILLITY’s The Mind’s I-period. Perhaps, the most sought after aspect of Exposures… is the inclusion of the remixed/remastered versions of the band’s earliest recordings in the form of the first demo, Trail of Life Decayed, and the Moonclad Reflection 7”. Although very raw and primal, these tracks clearly demonstrate that this band had that “special something” from day one. Little did these teenagers at the time know that they were securing the roots of a sound that would take the underground scene by storm in years that would follow. Disc Two is a nice live recording to have but it’s painful to picture these guys playing in front of that ridiculously small studio audience in Poland. While the world awaits DARK TRANQUILLITY’s next studio record, this collection of b-sides and rarities should provide a good temporary fix. (Century Media Records)