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Damage Done is very much an extension of DARK TRANQUILLITY’s previous album, Haven. This time around however, their songwriting is a lot more adventurous and far more aggressive, utilizing more varied song structures (like the breakbeat-like exercise in the middle of “Monochromatic Stains”). But don’t expect a return to the guitar-driven attack of The Gallery. Like Haven, the songs on Damage Done are rooted in fat guitar/synth themes and melodies based on chords. Damage Done gallops with a rejuvenated spirit and at times, a sense of urgency, yet fully displaying an air of confidence. Although not quite another masterpiece, DARK TRANQUILLITY have definitely delivered a flawless product of quality tunes with top-notch production. These musical vets have long since graduated from the school of Swedish death metal, and Damage Done is proof that they’re not looking back. (Century Media)