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DARKTHRONE will always lurk the same forests, in the same black-and-white fantasy, with the same soundtrack of cold, grim, first-generation Norwegian Black Metal, that you’ll never have to second guess them. Hate Them promises you everything you expect and nothing more. Fortunately, we can happily report that Hate Them is also more engaging than some of their more recent releases. The new album picks up the pace with some more upbeat tunes and tasty blast-beats alongside more choice necro-riffing. Of course, this is all within the narrow sphere of the almighty DARKTHRONE. To some, their sounds will burn like flaming liquor upon a ruptured membranous fenestrae, but to others, the same old sound of what once was pretty-evil white noise. Love them or hate them, Hate Them is DARKTHRONE. (Moonfog/The End Records)