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DARKTHRONE - Sardonic Wrath


It’s not all too uncommon to find that once a band achieves legendary cult status, the quality begins to wane. However, you won’t find Norwegian black pioneers, DARKTHRONE, content with fading away into mediocrity. Their last effort, Hate Them, was good but Sardonic Wrath is better. There are catchier songs, better riffs, and better continuity from beginning to end. DARKTHRONE effortlessly exercise their knack for being able to write grim, ugly mid-paced numbers to blasting mayhem, to old school black metal/crust ones. Second to the last track, “Hate is the Law,” brings a nice change to the mix with vocals by Apollyon (CADAVER, AURA NOIR, DHG) and Fenriz (drums). Sardonic Wrath’s production is perfect in the fact that the rawness and brutality of the music is not lost with the crystal clear, natural sounding instrumentation. The formula stays the same as their proto-“necro” sound and simple, straight ahead songwriting remains intact. DARKTHRONE stick to doing what they do best and triumph once again. Sometimes less is definitely more. (The End Records/Moonfog Productions)