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DARKTHRONE - The Underground Resistance

Darkthrone - The Underground Resistance

The og Norwegian black metal gods again prove that they can be counted on for quality.  The Underground Resistance is ugly, black, but also loose and free.  DARKTHRONE inject a good amount of their traditional heavy metal and thrash influences, complete with guitar solos, into this record.  You won’t find much crust punk here.

There are only a total of six tracks but the band get in and do what they gotta do and get right out.  A Viking-era BATHORY tribute can be found in “Valkyrie” with its acoustic guitar intro, run away train pace, and epic clean vocals.  “Lesser Men” has a tasty guitar solo that finishes off the song in classic 80’s metal fashion.  “The Ones You Left Behind” has that ugly DARKTHRONE riffing combined with some balls out clean vocals.  Listen for the cool instrumental section towards the second half of the song.  “Come Warfare, The Entire Doom” starts off like a classic CANDLEMASS song before picking up speed and getting into some serious riffage.  The band save the best for last with “Leave No Cross Unturned.”  You know this song is going to be good once you hear the falsettos in the beginning.  The song is easily a new anthem for DARKTHRONE.

No, The Underground Resistance is not likely to change your life.  However, it packs a nice punch and shows that DARKTHRONE can be a pretty damn good heavy metal/thrash band when they want to be.  Leave no cross unturned!  (Peaceville Records)