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DEADLOCK’s new album, Wolves, is quite a mixed bag in more than a few ways. Different genres fight for space on the album and are unwilling to work together to form some kind of cohesive sound. There is a blatant, obvious lack of consistency and focus. Do they want to be melodic death/thrash metal? Do they want to be melodic metal? Do they want to be gothic metal? Do they want to be an extreme metal band? Do they want to be industrial/electronic dance music? Do they want to be pop? The band shift their style and sound completely depending on whether the female or male vocals take the lead, which sometimes gives off the feeling that there are at least two different bands here. Often times, you’re left feeling like Wolves is a cut and paste album. DEADLOCK sound like a cover band in the fact that they are so good at imitating many recognizable styles of popular underground metal bands (i.e. DIMMU BORGIR, SOILWORK, IN FLAMES, CHILDREN OF BODOM, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY). They can definitely play well but their artistic vision is blurry and premature at best. DEADLOCK try to take too many bites of the apple before swallowing and subsequently choke. Variety and versatility is always great but not when one band ends up sound like a Nuclear Blast compilation album. (Lifeforce Records)