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DECAPITATED - Organic Hallucinosis


First things first, DECAPITATED has always been a good band, a ton better than most. But the devastating assault of Organic Hallucinosis has blown the doors wide open and easily puts them among death metal’s top dogs. Taking full advantage of their vastly superior musicianship, they’ve created the best technical death metal album heard in a long while. Organic Hallucinosis takes the left hand path with its unique set up of slamming riffs, intensity, and death metal-style grooves. The songs are structured with enough breathing room for every member to really contribute to their utmost. Most importantly, the songs are catchy and have this unique nightmarish quality to them, especially songs such as “Visual Delusion” and “Invisible Control.” Frontman Covan makes his recording debut here and puts down a commanding performance with vocal-stylings similar to older NAPALM DEATH/GODFLESH. Seriously, there is more than enough material here that will blow your mind. These guys have been at it for quite some time, starting in their early/mid-teens, and it’s great to hear that their hunger and drive to produce the highest quality music has only gotten strong with time. (Earache Records)