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DECAPITATED - The Negation


The Negation is the third album from everyone’s favorite youthful death metal prodigies, DECAPITATED. Unlike many of their peers who usually put out a killer debut then struggle through the dreaded sophomore slump, this Polish killing machine just keeps getting better through each new outing. The appropriately titled, “The Fury,” sets the tone for the album. “Lying and Weak” and “Long-Desired Dementia” also deliver equally potent exercises in fast, tight, punishing death metal. But The Negation isn’t all about speed as songs such as “Three-Dimensional Defect” and the title cut both show the band settling into slower, groovier territory (by death metal standards). However both pack a significant punch, fueled by the band’s slow, grinding rhythms and thick, crushing riffs that play well against guitarist Vogg’s intricate lead work (i.e. scales and arpeggios). The rest of the band also turn in stellar performances. Drummer Vitek unleashes plenty of precision blastwork and double-bass drumming while bassist Martin lays down a thick as an oak tree foundation throughout the album. Sauron’s deep, forceful growls take command of The Negation’s relentless approach. The album closes with a faithful rendition of DEICIDE’s “Lunatic of God’s Creation,” which is ironic since DEICIDE are now labelmates with DECAPITATED. These kids are in prime form, giving their idols a serious run for their money. The Negation succeeds on so many levels - it’s complex, aggressive, technical, yet catchy, and as such serves as a fine blueprint for the future of death metal. (Earache Records)