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DEFLESHED - Royal Straight Flesh


DEFLESHED have been kicking out their own brand of blackened thrash for well over a decade now, and with the release of Royal Straight Flesh, the underrated three-piece may finally be headed for a much overdue breakthrough. From the opening track, “Hand Over Fist” to the band’s searing closer, “Brake Failure,” DEFLESHED wastes no time blasting away through the album’s eleven tracks with speed and accuracy, the bulk of which comes from Matte Modin. His precision snare and cymbal work with relentless blasts really drive the songs, as well as distancing the band from the ample crop of SLAYER-clones currently over-populating the scene. But for all its testosterone and attitude, Royal Straight Flesh is also packed with tons of catchy thrash riffs (courtesy of guitarist Lars Lofven), which helps to offset the aggressive feel of the songs. The album is also helped by Daniel Bergstrand’s crystal clear mix and mastering job. Lyrically, the band doesn’t seem to take themselves too seriously as most of the topics deal with light-hearted topics such as war, revenge, assault, and guns, as well as containing numerous references to fighting, drinking, and gambling, which are spit out with a vengeance from singer/ bassist Gustaf Jorde. So while DEFLESHED aren’t exactly re-inventing the wheel, their enthusiasm and delivery are as infectious and refreshing as anything found on Royal Straight Flesh. (Regain-The End)