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DEICIDE - In the Minds of Evil

Deicide - In the Minds of Evil

After helping to pioneer death metal, DEICIDE show on In the Minds of Evil that there is plenty left in the tank.  It may come as a surprise to some but the album is pretty damn strong.

Stylistically, the band continue the direction that they have been pursuing since The Stench of Redemption.  Thus, the action is straight forward and easily digestible with lots of lead guitar work.  However, there are some nods to classic DEICIDE and a noticeable CANNIBAL CORPSE-era Jack Owen touch.

The band sound very cohesive as everyone contributes equally with excellent performances.  Vocalist/bassist Glen Benton’s vocals are powerful and strong and nearly every vocal line is catchy to varying degrees.  The riffing is very beefy and always busy.  Kevin Quirion is a fine lead guitarist and he puts nice accents on the songs and his well rounded solos are as good as well touted players like James Murphy.

Overall, In the Minds of Evil doesn’t let up quality with only a few places getting monotonous.  While it doesn’t rank among their classic first three albums, you’d be hard pressed not to be able to enjoy such a solid and catchy album.  (Century Media Records)