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Don’t dismiss DEVILDRIVER simply because of frontman Dez Fafara’s previous band (COAL CHAMBER). DEVILDRIVER’s debut is everything you did and didn’t expect. The fivesome serve up a mixed bag of metal that spans everything from black metal (CRADLE OF FILTH) to death metal (FEAR FACTORY, SEPULTURA) and even classic heavy metal (DANZIG, PANTERA) in an Ozzfest-friendly package (insert any Roadrunner Records band). The metallic mish-mash is consistent and never cut-and-paste. Songs are effective in that they are relatively compact and straight-forward. The band never overdo anything despite Fafara’s being surrounded by some seriously able musicians. Fafara himself is on point with a sharp performance mixing screams, death growls, and rhythmic barking despite some juvenile lyrics (“I could care less than for your sickening, pompous ways”). DEVILDRIVER may not change your world but it definitely might change your mind. (Roadrunner Records)