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Perhaps these days more than any other in the past, Devin Townsend has been getting the press attention and acclaim that he’s deserved from the start. Synchestra sees Devin and co. doing what they do best ??" laying down colossal soundscapes of euphoria. This time around, the album is less song-oriented than its predecessor, Accelerated Evolution, and more in the atmospheric vein of albums such as Terria and Ocean Machine. The downside to that is we get to hear less of Devin’s sweet singing, which the world can never have enough of. Big chunky, percussive riffs co-exist with the right amount of instrumental flair. The band create a sound that is more “light” than anything resembling “darkness.” There’s just this unique feel of bright, positive energy flowing from Synchestra. The polka-driven “Vampolka” will assure you that Devin hasn’t lost his off-the-wall quirkiness. The energetic “Vampira” then follows with one of the greatest songs that he’s ever written. It’s stuffed with awesome riffs and an insane vocal performance. “Gaia” is also an exceptional standout. Overall, Synchestra doesn’t break much musical ground but who cares? When you’ve got a winning formula that allows room for subtle progressions here and there, there’s no need to reinvent oneself. (Inside Out Music)