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DIES IRAE - The Sin War


Only a year after their debut album and recorded only a month after two of its members completed work on VADER’s Revelations, DIES IRAE return with their latest offering, The Sin War. While the band’s debut, Immolated bore a strong resemblance to VADER, the band succeeds in carving their own identity on their latest album. Although the band delivers plenty of blast-beats and double-bass to keep the pit going, they aren’t afraid to slow it down. “Infernal War” and “Beyond Sensual” display a strong doom influence before kicking in with some heavy, chugging riffs. “Infinity” showcase the rather unconventional use of funky bass slapping in death metal from bassist, Novy. But Doc offers up plenty of blast-beats to keep it legit. Meanwhile, “Genocide Generation” offers up some thick, heaving riffs before arriving at a middle-eastern, Arabian sounding guitar solo. This influence is also found on a majority of the guitar solos on The Sin War. Hiro and Mauser also play their most melodic guitar solos to date. The last two songs offer the best examples of the band’s diversity, showcasing a variety of dynamics and tempo changes. All in all, a very strong sophomore album from Poland’s best death metal supergroup. (Metal Blade)