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DISCHARGE - Discharge


When I received this cd in the mail, I was very skeptical. Virtually every old school punk band that has attempted a comeback or comebacks, have failed miserably. And thus, ruining their legendary statuses. To my surprise, DISCHARGE’s new album is excellent! True punk rock fury hasn’t sound this good in aeons! Three fourths of the classic line-up that recorded Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing is back. The band wields the power of the mighty riff and hook with ease on Discharge. They are a much tighter playing unit now. Cal’s guitar playing prowess has also grown over the years. The production is completely professional but still keeps the band’s trademark sound intact. Discharge embodies the true spirit of punk rock- angry, chaotic, outspoken, and rebellious. It arrives at a time when the genre needs it most. This does not disappoint. (Sanctuary)