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DISCORDANCE AXIS ??" Original Sound Version 1991-1995


Grindcore has always been an art form attempted by few and mastered by even fewer. DISCORDANCE AXIS should be considered to be one of these few masters of grindcore right alongside early NAPALM DEATH and CARCASS. Composed of Ulterior (the band’s debut), all of their EP tracks recorded up to 1995, a rehearsal session, a live set, and other rare tracks, Original Sound Version… is the definitive DISCORDANCE AXIS collection. Vocalist Jon Chang provides insightful liner notes about the band’s history and a track-by-track analysis. You’ll learn that the band’s history was just as chaotic as their music. DISCORDANCE AXIS’ defining characteristic is their sick mastery over brutal dissonance. Extreme music doesn’t get any more abrasively twisted sounding than this. If you delve deeper into their chaotic sound, you will find some interesting aspects such as a jazz influence albeit more fucked up and brutalized. Dave Witte is one of the best drummers to play extreme music, period. It’s just not his ability to play blast beats that makes him great but his keen sense of rhythm, complex patterns, and ability to change tempos with laser-like precision. There are some very cool tracks on here that show a different side to the band. “My Neighbor Totoro,” inspired by the famous anime, is a nice subdued prog-like piece. Their BLACK FLAG cover of “Gimme Gimme Gimme” is nice and agonizing. This is a great extensive and complete package that will surely satisfy fans, both old and new. If you’re into grindcore, then Original Sound Version… is essential. (Hydra Head Industries)