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DISCORDANCE AXIS is the next logical step for those who’ve been weaned on grind staples such as CARCASS, BRUTAL TRUTH, and ASSUCK. Jouhou may not have had the far reaching impact as an album such as Harmony Corruption but damn it, it’s a bonafide classic. The album is over the top in almost every way. Everything from the agonized shrieks and low fi growls to the chaotic crashing of distortion and out of control tempos create the sonic mindfuck that you’ve been craving for. Don’t expect to hear “big” riffs or catchy grooves, cuz you won’t find them here. DISCORDANCE AXIS spit in the face of songwriting conventionality with their ultra raw brand of noise. This reissue comes with a slew of bonus tracks and a 24-page booklet that includes lyrics, artwork, and a ton of liner notes from vocalist, Jon Chang. There’s something very unsettling about this band and that’s exactly what sets them apart. (Hydra Head Industries)