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DISFEAR - Misanthropic Generation


DISFEAR is a thundering, diesel-burning crust rock outfit, not too dissimilar to one of vocalist Tomas Lindberg’s other bands SKITSYSTEM, and Misanthropic Generation, the long-awaited full-length from these Swedish punks, does not disappoint. While Lindberg’s stock has plummetted due to his involvement with a plethora of musical acts with less than substantial releases, DISFEAR is refreshing in that it’s not the same old desultory metallic meandering. Tossing out the Lindberg factor still leaves us with a rock solid recording of high energy, DISCHARGE fueled crust punk with a slab of feelgood rock ’n roll for good measure. With its full and vibrant production, Misanthropic Generation is thoroughly destructive when cranked to the max! (Relapse Records)