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DISIPLIN - Disiplin


Despite the rather odd name for an extreme metal band, DISIPLIN do in fact play by the rules. Fortunately this isn’t a bad thing cause in this game, the rules are ugly. This Norwegian outfit’s debut features some grinding black metal in parallel with Moonfog labelmates (past and present), such as SATYRICON, THORNS, KHOLD, DARKTHRONE, etc. Finding a median between THORNS’ over-the-top attack and DARKTHRONE’s underdeveloped metallic spitting, Disiplin rocks hard in a manner only Norwegian’s seem capable of doing. They mix both blasting, treble-heavy white noise and old school, groove-laden black metal into 50 minutes of pure hell! While black metal is all but played out, DISIPLIN still manage to drop an able release of 11 tracks that carry enough distinction from song-to-song to please fans and skeptics alike. (Moonfog Productions)