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DISMEMBER - Where Ironcrosses Grow


It’s been four years since we last heard from these veterans of Stockholm death metal. I can happily report that DISMEMBER haven’t lost their touch. In fact, Where Ironcrosses Grow is overall, a stronger album than 2000’s Hate Campaign. The band bludgeon forth with their patented thick-as-fuck, downtuned guitar/bass attack and IRON MAIDEN-inspired melodies. “Catchy yet brutal” is the name of the game as these Swedes have created some very hooky songs here. “Chasing the Serpent” and “Tragedy of the Faithful” demonstrate some very nice song progressions in the form of riffs building upon riffs to create kick ass instrumental passages ala early MAIDEN. Guitarist David Blomquist deserves mad props for not only co-writing most of the music but for laying down all the guitar tracks and most of the bass tracks. Even his soloing has been kicked up a notch. The well-balanced production by drummer Fred Estby is not too shabby either. DISMEMBER can not only be proud of a strong comeback album but for also giving death metal a badly needed dose of quality. (Candlelight Records)