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DJERV - Djerv

Djerv - Djerv

North America finally gets an official release for DJERV’s excellent full-length debut record. Let it be known right off the bat that this is one of the best albums of 2012.

Infectious, catchy, and rockin’, DJERV feature the talents of vocalist Agnete Kjølsrud (ANIMAL ALPHA), guitarist Stian Kårstad (TRELLDOM), and drummer Erlend Gjerde (STONEGUARD). The band’s sound can best be described as Norwegian black metal with major rock/heavy metal influences. The songs are direct, compact, energetic, and made for maximum hooks. In a way, it’s a pure sound that should easily crossover to mainstream audiences.

Not to take away from the other members of DJERV but what is immediately different about the band is Agnete Kjølsrud’s amazing voice. She is a unique superstar with the talent, presence, attitude and charisma to back it up. Agnete can do it all - croon, shout, scream, show aggression, and exercise subtlety. Other (female) vocalists in metal just can’t compare, except for STOLEN BABIESDominique.

Guitarist Stian Kårstad does a great job in the riffing department as he crafts each song with a Norwegian black metal foundation that surpasses the efforts of SATYRICON and DARKTHRONE in incorporating rock/heavy metal influences into the album’s sound without losing its edge and potency. Drummer Erlend Gjerde locks in perfectly and delivers the headstomping beats.

DJERV mix things up well with a variety of different flavors across the album. The different influences involved in the band’s sound take turns taking predominance from song to song or song section to song section without sounding like a cut and paste job.

The bottom line is that DJERV’s debut full length album is absolutely killer and a mandatory purchase. (Indie Recording)