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Dreaming Dead - Within One

With current and former members of EXHAUSTED PRAYER and WINTERTHRALL in their ranks, L.A.’s own DREAMING DEAD have delivered an impressive, well executed debut of quality metal on their debut Within One. DREAMING DEAD’s sound is a well balanced mixture of blackened death thrash that borrows freely from each of those genres and combines them into a seamless, potent blend. “Stairs into the Vortex” alternates between chugging thrash and blistering blast beats from drummer Mike Caffel. In contrast, “Putrid is the Sky” with its misleading title offers up melodic, elegant passages that highlight the band’s dynamic prowess. “Cursed” the counters with some strong DISSECTION-worship, complemented by vocalist axeshredder Liz Elliot’s harsh vocal rasps and electrifying Jon Nodveidt-inspired solo that sounds a long lost track from The Somberlain. Epic closer “Manslaughter” offers the album’s centerpiece. It’s a song that covers a variety of peaks and valleys; from its subtle, ominous intro, monstrous power chords, and twisting riff arrangements before arriving at an OPETH-inspired climax. All in all, a strong debut of carefully arranged and plotted songs that bode well for the future of the underground L.A. metal scene. (Ibex Moon Records)