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D.R.I. - Dealing With It (Reissue)


D.R.I. are undoubtedly one of the most important bands in the history and evolution of extreme music. The nice people at Beer City Records have reissued the band’s classic 1985 album, Dealing With It, with a ton of bonus of tracks. D.R.I. are the epitome of the “crossover” band. They are/were one of the few and first bands that can/could attract both, metal and punk kids to their shows. Back in the early to mid 80’s, uniting metal and punk kids (in a non-violent setting) was virtually impossible, as both groups were rivals. Dealing With It is a landmark record of ferociously, in your face, anti-establishment anthems. Few bands in 1985 played this fast. Few bands play with this much conviction. The album is also responsible for influencing a huge host of bands. Just listen to SLAYER’s Hell Awaits and Reign in Blood and you’ll hear riffs, vocal and drum patterns from this album. Most of the songs are one-minute scorchers packed with tons of catchy vocal lines and strong riffs. You’ll be singing along and pumping your fist in no time. The youthful energy and angst are still vibrant and as relevant as the day they were written. This reissue includes twelve bonus tracks, which consist of unused songs from the Violent Pacification recording session, demo tracks, and rough mixes of songs. These bonus tracks alone are good enough motivation to pick this album up again. Dealing With It is the kind of the album that speaks to people. It’s the kind of album that could get a young person into extreme music. It’s the kind of album that could change a life. (Beer City Records)