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DRUNK HORSE ??" Adult Situations


DRUNK HORSE is the probably the biggest living anachronism in the rock world. They sound like a rock band that was transported into the present from the late 60’s/early 70’s. Adult Situations is a clinic on how to play gritty classic rock. From the bluesy riffs to the Southern boogie to prog rock, they go from one end of the classic rock spectrum to the other. Eli Eckert’s Hendrix-like vocal howlings tell lighthearted tales that personify the free spirit of the hippy movement. These songs sound more like they were based around jam sessions than around a rigid structure of riffs simply being played one after another. The band’s command over their instruments really shine when they decide to rock out during the instrumental passages of each song. Just think of the jam session in ZEPPELIN’s “Dazed and Confused.” This is undoubtedly the strong point of Adult Situations. To top it all off, THE FUCKING CHAMP’s Tim Green gives the album a production job that is sonically modern while retaining a vintage sound. Folks, the past is alive. (Tee Pee Records)