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Electric Wizard - Black Masses

In a (metal) world of fakes, you can always depend on the soothing sounds of ELECTRIC WIZARD. Their music is as honest as it comes. Three years after releasing the excellent, Witchcult Today, we are blessed with Black Masses. And yes, Black Masses is another quality record from one of the best doomsters in the business. While it is arguable that Witchcult Today has more immediate, catchier songs, the songs here are not to be denied either.

The record has such a good sense of feel. It’s so appropriate and enjoyable to just toke, sit back, and enjoy. Throughout the record’s nine songs, we get what makes the band so great: killer grooves, fantastic croons from Jus Osborne, smoke-filled atmospheres to get lost in, fuzzed out guitar solos, and just strong songs. Highlights include the flavorful, “Venus in Furs,” which features meaty riffs and sweet lead guitar parts. “Turn Off Your Mind” is a true doom anthem with its excellent lyrics.

There is a darkness and underlying melancholy on Black Masses but it all feels extremely inviting and comforting, and this perfectly personifies the record. It’s time to set aside all the overly complicated facades in metal and embrace the power of doom with ELECTRIC WIZARD. (Metal Blade Records)