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U Chosen Few” opens up ELECTRIC WIZARD’s latest album with some ear-piercing feedback and the droning, crushing riffs we’ve come to expect from the band, before kicking in with “We the Undead” which sounds oddly enough like Tony Iommi covering surf music or a really evil version of THE FUCKING CHAMPS. Whatever it is, it offers up the only remotely uptempo or catchy riff to be found on the album. It’s all downhill from there (that’s a compliment), with ELECTRIC WIZARD plodding it’s way through the album’s remaining four songs like a drunken elephant bulldozing it’s way through a crowd of people. And unlike most happy-go-lucky stoner rock bands (who are pretty much cockrock bands disguised as doom bands), ELECTRIC WIZARD are the real deal. There’s not even any sappy hippy interludes or ballads, just riff after bludgeoning riff with “Master of Alchemy” & “The Outsider” each offering over nine minutes of epic, oppressive doom metal. There’s almost no respite in sight, with the closest thing being the PCP-heroin induced lounge instrumental, “Night of the Shape”, before closing with the epic “Priestess of Mars”. Sadly, as of this writing, it appears as if the band has decided to call it quits. But that shouldn’t deter you from putting the bong down long enough to pick this up. And for those of you too baked to leave the house, you can probably order this on-line & have it delivered right to your door along with your next eighth. (The Music Cartel)